What is Tax Cliniq?

Tax Cliniq was established in the year 2010 to serve small businesses and  Individual taxpayers throughout the United States. Our dedicated team  members consist of either CPA or Enrolled Agents (EA) who are well equipped  with solid Accounting and Tax backgrounds. We treat all our clients with respect,  and we maintain strong ethics to safeguard clients’ data and information.

Why Us?

We usually ask one question to our prospective clients: “Why do you need an accountant?” We encounter various answers to this question. For example – I  just started a business; I want my taxes to be done properly; All businesses  must have one; or simply “I don’t know”. To our surprise, the majority of small business owners are in haywire, and don’t exactly understand why they need  an accountant. To simplify, you need a Financial Accountant to keep track of  revenue, expenses, assets, and liabilities so that you can visualize your business better. Tax Accountant, on the other hand, assists you in better understanding  the tax implication of each financial transaction that occurs in your business. With these factors in mind, Tax Cliniq combines Accounting, Tax and  consulting services into one platform so that small businesses can get  professional support without a hefty price tag. We are aware of the fast and  ever-changing business culture we are currently experiencing, and thus, Tax  Cliniq has incorporated the ability to provide all services remotely with  safeguards in place.

Income Tax and Accounting Service by CPA & Enrolled Agent.

Wide Ranges of Solution

  • – Personal Income Tax
  • – ​​Business Tax Return (1120,1120s,1065)
  • – ​Tax Returns for Charities & Non-Profits (990)
  • – ​IRS Audit Representation
  • – ​Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • – ​Payroll & Sales Tax
  • – ​Multi-State Personal Income Tax
  • – ​​Formation and Dissolution of Corporation/LLC

Our Services

Different types of business structure have different tax implication. To determine, which business structures servers you well, we offer free consultation before setting up your company.


We offer cost-effective consultation for business & personal solution.


We analyze each financial transaction to offer maximum tax benefit.


We are specialized in small business Bookkeeping & Accounting.


Stressed with IRS audit? Let us deal with them.


Effective Payroll Tax Solution.


Best solution for your Sales Tax.

QuickBooks SETUP

We help you to setup your QuickBooks in simple & easy steps.