Income Tax

No matter how complex your tax situation is, our CPA and Enrolled Agents are here to assist you. With our years of experience, we can maximize your tax deduction, and bring you peace of mind. Unlike other firms in the industry,  our motive is not to add bulky price tag to our services. Our objective is to  provide guaranteed client satisfaction through one-to-one sessions. We offer  the following services at a reasonable price:

-Personal Income Tax
-Business Tax Return (1120, 1120s, 1065)
-Tax Return for Charities and Non-Profits (990)
-IRS Audit Representation


For any start-up small business, payroll can be overwhelming, expensive and  time consuming. With a fraction of the cost, Tax Cliniq could be your next full-service payroll partner. At present, we are offering payroll services to small  businesses which include:

– Covers up to 50 employees
– Run payroll weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or Monthly
– Calculate Payroll taxes
– Transmit payroll tax deposits to appropriate authorities
– Direct Deposit or paper checks for employees
– Quarterly and Yearly Payroll Tax filing
– W2s for employees

Sales Tax

Sales tax is enforced on certain tangible personal property and services. This  type of indirect tax is collected from the customer, and the seller or retailer is  mandated by state law to transmit the amount to appropriate authorities by a  specified deadline. State law regulates which products, services, and  transactions are subject to sales tax. Without proper education and  experience,  it is very easy to mix up taxable with non-taxable sales.

Some retailers are in denial of how to properly deposit sales tax, and tend to  forget that it is not their income. This is the reason why State authority is very  stern about collecting sales tax, and any evasion in this specific area could lead  to jailtime or a serious fine.


Midsize and large companies are well organized; thus, record keeping occurs  most efficiently. On the contrary, bookkeeping is a growing concern for small  businesses. The majority of business owners ignore the importance of bookkeeping simply because they think that it is costly, they do not have time,  or that it is complicated. Our company is extensively designed for small business owners to save cost, time, and complexity. Our experienced team  members are here to assist you in every aspect of your bookkeeping and  accounting needs. When you maintain financial books properly, you have  strong leverage in the following areas:

Monitoring Company Progress
As a business owner, aren’t you curious to know how the financial health of  your business is? Is your business generating profit, or is it running a loss?  How is the cash flow? Without proper bookkeeping, it is simply impossible for  any business owner to know the financial situation of the business.

Tax Return
No matter how small or big your company is, you are mandated to file your  company tax returns. When a company maintains books and records, it is easy  to track revenue, expenses, payables, receivables, and company assets. When  information is available, estimated tax, Income Tax, and IRS Audits are fairly  less complicated, and more satisfactory.

Business Funding/Loan
Financial Statements are mandatory for any business funding and loans. Lenders determine the risk factors of business on the basis of the borrower’s  financial book and Tax record. Borrowers can produce a Financial Statement  only with proper bookkeeping.

New Business Set Up

Different types of business structures have different tax implications. For  Example – C Corporation is known for double taxation. S Corporation is a  pass-through entity having a fair amount of tax advantage over C. LLC, on the  other hand, is a pass-through taxation entity combined with Limited Liability  of corporation. To determine which business structures serves you best, we  offer a FREE CONSULTING before setting up your company.

Tax Planning

In our years of service, we have seen many small businesses paying more taxes  due to the lack of tax planning. To offer extensive tax planning, our experts are  available throughout the entire year.

QuickBooks Set Up

QuickBooks is best accounting software for small business. It is cost effective,  easy to use, and above all you can choose the online or desktop version to suit  your business need. Tax Cliniq offers FREE QuickBooks set up for each of its  clients.